Taiwanese politicians get 'Linspired' by NBA hero

With Premier Sean Chen taking the lead, Taiwanese politicians are riding the international basketball craze and going "Linsane."

Chen shared his Jeremy Lin-inspired insight yesterday: similar to playing basketball, the key to excelling in work is great teamwork, he said.

The 62-year-old basketball fan revealed to local media yesterday that he has always been a basketball fanatic and did not stop playing the sport himself until seven years ago, when he turned 55 and his "memory and will power were both better than his physical strength."

Just like Lin, he was also a point guard.

For Chen, the takeaway from the "Lincredible" story is that "teamwork is much more powerful than individual effort." Relating working to playing basketball, the new premier remarked that cooperation should indeed be put before individual aspirations.

"There are no heroes, only teamwork," he said.

Chen, who has a financial background, unveiled his idea of establishing an economy that would enrich people after taking office early February. His vision was accompanied by a series of proposed reforms in areas such as tax and housing.

As the public has high expectations for President Ma Ying-jeou's second term, Chen's capability to carry out Ma's campaign promise remains the center of media attention.

Ma is Taiwan's Point Guard: Control Yuan Minister

Control Yuan Minister Wang Chien-shien also commented on the "Linsanity" storm that has captured the world, yesterday, reasoning that President Ma Ying-jeou is no doubt the point guard of the Taiwanese government, the leader who drives all governmental departments forward.

Similar to Chen, Wang said he believes that teamwork and cooperation are necessary qualities a government should possess to properly function, as he pointed out during a luncheon with the media, yesterday, during which he commended Lin as a professional player who is loyal to his position and who values teamwork.

There exists certain sports players who value accumulating personal scores and being lauded as a hero more than the teams' overall victory; they do not realize that if they had assisted teammates more, the game could have been won - and Lin has taught us exactly that, Wang said.

The government is a team.

If, for example, the interior minister wanted to promote a home-caring service for the sick, yet the Ministry of Finance could not find the financial resources necessary, then things will not work out, he said.

If Taiwan was a basketball team, President Ma would no doubt be the point guard that directs and navigates the team to enable governmental departments to freely score, Wang asserted.

There is no doubt that "if you never give up, there will be hope," the minister concluded, crossing his fingers that the "Linsanity" storm will stir up a new wave of passion for sports among the Taiwanese youths.

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