Bo ordered arrest of son to blackmail ex-wife: Report

According to Chinese news sources, Bo Xilai once ordered the arrest of his own son in order to keep his first wife Li Danyu silent about his affair with Gu Kai Lai, then the sister of Li's sister-in-law. reported that Bo told his police chief Wang Lijun to arrest his son Li Wanghe for economic crimes to blackmail Li Danyu to remain silent ahead of the 18th National Congress, where he wanted to secure a top position in China's leadership transition.

He allegedly married Li Danyu in 1976 for a political purpose; he wanted to use her status as the daughter of the Beijing party secretary Li Xuefeng to climb the political ladder.

Bo also wanted to use their marriage to get rid of the stain on his past life as one of those who suffered during the Cultural Revolution.

His family was among those disgraced during the Revolution as his father, one of the founding member of China Bo Yibo, was denounced by Mao Zedong in his attempts to destroy his rivals.

Later, Bo Xilai was jailed five years for stealing and returned to school to finish his studies after he was released.

By then, his father was rehabilitated and Bo Xilai no longer needed the influence of his wife's family.

He started having an affair with Gu Kailai, the sister of his wife's sister-in-law while he was studying at Peking University.

According to, Gu is the daughter of General Gu Jingsheng, the former party second secretary of Xinjiang and political commissar of the Urumqi Military Region.

Bo Xilai then found an excuse to transfer himself to serve in Jinxian, near Dalian, Liaoning, after finishing his studies so that he could get away from Li Danyu.

Rumours then spread of their extramarital affair and Li Danyu appealed to Beijing authorities, including the People's Supreme Court and the China Women's Federation.

She refused to grant Bo Xilai a divorce until his father Bo Yibo used his power to finalise the divorce four years later.

After their divorce, she changed their son's surname to Li. He is currently serving as a lawyer in China after studying law at Columbia University in the United State.

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