CNN hero of the year to bring 'miracles' to Philippines

Filipino-American midwife Robin Lim, CNN 's Hero of the Year for 2011, is working to bring countless miracles to the Philippines.

Lim has devoted her life serving those whom she describes as the real heroes-the mothers giving the miracle of life-through her nonprofit, Indonesia-based Bumi Sehat Foundation clinics, which help impoverished Indonesian women to deliver their babies in an environment of care, respect and love.

She is also fighting to bring down the number of women who die while giving birth.

Now, Lim wants to do the same to poor Filipino mothers. She wants to put up a community-based clinic for free childbirth and prenatal care in Baguio City, her mother's hometown, and in Quezon City, where many live near the Payatas garbage dump.

She wants Filipino mothers to have healthy pregnancies and to allow them to give birth in a safe environment in order to reduce the number of maternal and infant deaths, which have become more pronounced in mountainous regions.


Breastfeeding is also a practice she firmly believes in. She looks up to the late President Corazon Aquino as her hero as well for the latter's support for the practice.

Lim, also known as "Mother Robin," is now gathering support for these endeavors to make sure that they would be sustainable. She hopes that her new status as CNN Hero would help her get what she needs.

"Those of you in business, remember that those of us who are volunteers in the world, we cannot do anything without your help. So let us be your heart and your hands out in the field by supporting us. That's the key to get the support that we need so the women, the families in Baguio can start," she says in a recent press briefing.

Lim is currently in the Philippines for various engagements, including book signings for her novel Butterfly People published by Anvil Publishing Inc., and a speaking engagement before the Midwives League of the Philippines.

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