Another China activist allegedly under house arrest

File photo of Zeng, the wife of jailed Chinese dissident and AIDS activist Hu Jia, in Beijing.

BEIJING - Chinese activist Zeng Jinyan said in a Twitter post Thursday she was placed under house arrest, a day after fellow activist Chen Guangcheng left the US embassy after a high-stakes diplomatic standoff.

Zeng and her husband Hu Jia are among China's best-known dissidents and are friends of Chen, a blind activist who dramatically escaped house arrest in eastern China on April 22 and made his way to the US embassy in Beijing.

Zeng's posting said public security agents told her Thursday she would be confined to her home in coming days.

"These days, you cannot go out again," she quoted them saying.

"(They) declared I was under house arrest."

The action appeared to suggest a clampdown could be under way for China's beleaguered dissident community as the highly sensitive Chen saga continued to simmer.

Chen left the embassy in Beijing after US officials said they received Chinese assurances he would be safe from reprisals, but he said Thursday he feared for his safety and pleaded for US help to leave China.

Zeng could not be reached on her phone. The mobile phone of her husband, Hu, has been out of service for two days.

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