North Korea stops jamming South's GPS: Official

SEOUL - North Korea has stopped sending GPS jamming signals that affected hundreds of civilian flights in South Korea over a two-week period, officials said Tuesday.

"North Korea stopped sending GPS (global positioning system) jamming signals from 8:34 pm on Sunday," an official at the state regulatory Korea Communications Commission told AFP.

The transport ministry also confirmed civilian flights had not been affected by GPS jamming signals since Sunday night.

South Korean officials said the signals, which also affected shipping, originated from the North's border city of Kaesong and began on April 28.

The jamming forced sea and air traffic to use other navigational equipment to avoid compromising safety.

The North has been accused before by Seoul of jamming GPS systems but there was no previous widespread effect on civilian flights.

South Korea sent complaints to Pyongyang and to the International Telecommunication Union and International Civil Aviation Organisation.

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