Bangladesh govt urged to hold talks with Myanmar

The government must immediately conduct high level diplomatic talks with Myanmar to solve the refugee issue otherwise it could take a serious turn, said BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed yesterday.

"The government, under international laws, cannot let Myanmar refugees enter our country but on humanitarian grounds it can," he added.

Moudud was addressing a press conference organised by Muktochinta Forum at Dhaka Reporters Unity in the capital.

On the current political deadlock between the government and BNP, he said the government was creating confusion with its definition of "an interim government" to conduct the next general election.

"There is no reference of such a government in the constitution and the BNP-led 18-party alliance will not go for talks with the government if the next national polls are not held under a nonpartisan government," stated Moudud.

"Polls are not the solutions to all problems rather it is how the elected government deals with the post-poll challenges. The present Awami League-led government failed to meet these challenges," he said.

He also said the country's judicial practises have been hampered due to constant government intervention in the judiciary.

On the opposition's participation in the budget sessions in parliament, Moudud said, if willing, the government could have shown a positive gesture, which it did not.

"The speaker never gave the opposition parliamentary members a chance to come up with a discussion on the notices we put before him," he said.

When asked whether the opposition accepted the local government, by- and mayoral polls conducted under the present government, Moudud replied in the negative.

"We never accepted any of the polls because they were not held in a neutral manner," he said.

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