Two major blasts hit Pattani

THAILAND - A car-bomb exploded behind the CS Pattani Hotel late yesterday evening and it was followed by a blast at a power station which left several areas plunged in darkness for several hours. The local Internal Security Operations Command office confirmed both incidents.

The blast at the hotel damaged a wall and several glass windowpanes as well as a car parked nearby. Twitter reports later said that there could be three people wounded in the bombing, but there were no details as to which site the injuries were sustained. There were also unconfirmed reports that some people were wounded from flying shards of glass.

For safety reasons, the hotel was evacuated and mobile-phone signal jammed for fear of a possible second explosion. A large number of security officials and rescue workers were also reportedly on standby.

A pickup truck, reportedly a green Isuzu D-Max, parked against the back wall of the hotel, was reportedly packed with explosives.

A similar explosion at the CS Pattani Hotel on March 15, 2008, during the time of the previous Democrat-led government, killed a security guard.

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