Man fined for striking girl's 'bully'

KANAZAWA, Japan - The Kanazawa Summary Court has fined a 53-year-old man 300,000 yen (S$4,755) for striking a primary school boy, who the man said had bullied his daughter.

According to the ruling on Wednesday, the man, a restaurant owner in Ishikawa Prefecture, hit the boy in the face at 8.40 am on Oct 27 last year in a classroom of the public primary school his daughter and the boy attend.

The ruling said the man struck the boy because his daughter, 12, asked him to do so out of fear she would be bullied again when she went back to school. The girl had been unable to attend classes for a certain period due to the bullying, it said.

The ruling went on to say, "It is understandable a parent would want to help their child, but barging into a classroom during lessons and assaulting the boy in front of other students is extremely aggressive."

After the judgment, the man told the press, "I'm sorry for beating up the boy, but there was no other way to protect my child." He also complained that details about the bullying were left out of the ruling, such as who bullied his daughter.

A board of education in the municipality where the school is located denied the man's claims, saying no bullying had taken place.

The man received a summary order in January to pay a 300,000 yen fine for injuring the boy, but requested a formal trial, saying he wanted a public appeal to argue his daughter had been bullied.

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