Do you believe in Doomsday?

Today, we are just five days away from what some believe may be the end of the world.

Will Dec 21, 2012 be Doomsday as has been talked about ever since it was discovered that the Mayan calendar ends on this date?

Unless you are totally removed from the rest of civilisation, it is impossible that you have not heard about it. The event has excited interest among people all over the world, and there are many who are preparing or have prepared for the day, their intention being to survive it.

Some believe that the change could be spiritual, others are convinced that it's apocalyptic.

Numerous other Doomsday theories exist apart from the calendar. These include the possibility of earth's collision with a planet called Nibiru, solar flares hitting the earth, shifting of earth's magnetic pole, cyclones, earthquakes and, interestingly, a zombie attack.

The so-called "preppers" have been hard at work, from safeguarding their houses to stocking up on food, other essentials and more.

Still, there are some believers, like the creator of the Facebook account Doomsday Preppers Malaysia, who may just be borderline hoaxers or just plain pranksters.

Doomsday Preppers Malaysia, which has gained about 20 likes since it was created in October this year, encourages believers to start preparing for Dec 21, as one would never know what could happen.

The administrator writes: "I believe in Doomsday, I believe in zombie apocalypse, I believe that tsunami can happen in Malaysia, I believe in mysterious incurable epidemic. I believed, therefore I became a prepper.

"I also personally think that one of the crucial instruments we need during critical hours is a water purification system."

He points out that humans can live without food for a few days but they cannot live without water for even a day because the human body consists of approximately 75 per cent water.

"So for a start, let us find or engineer a simple water purification system that is mobile and can weed out elements such as bacteria that can adversely affect our health during the critical hours," he notes.

Followers of this page also suggested various food to stock up, including peanut butter and lentils.

One follower also highlights the importance of learning archery, saying it is very crucial during difficult times.

Archery can save us ammunition (if any) and train us in the art of stealth hunting, he/she explains.

Another follower believes that a bug-out bag (a portable survival kit one would require to survive for 72 hours when evacuating from a disaster) to keep usable items such as a medical kit, knife, food, water bottle, GPS, compass, torch light, fire starter kit and disposable lighter would help.

"The bag should be medium size, compact and have multiple pockets so as a prepper, we can strategically place the most important items in that bag," the follower says.

One hilarious remark raises the problem of body odour and the need to know how to make armpit deodorant.

It reads: "The smell of your armpit can cause a lot of problem during Doomsday time, so I found a simple solution to make homemade armpit deodorant.

"Basically all you need is an emptied bottle of deodorant, water and salt. Pour a cup of salt into simmering water and keep it in the bottle. Now you have an all-natural armpit deodorant for the fraction of the price and it is safe from toxic and other chemical."

The Internet is teeming with discussions on Doomsday.

A blogger by the name of Ken Wooi has come up with witty business ideas for the end of the world.

A search on his website saw "End of the World Survival" travel packages from cheap to first-class accommodation ranging from RM99 to RM1,999, inclusive of breakfast and a Malaysian flag on sale.

Wooi even included add-on packages such as clubbing, scrumptious buffet and casino, all for RM99 each.

Obviously poking fun at the 1Msia concept, he claims that the Malaysian Government secretly launched the "1Malaysia Ark Project" five years ago, and it has been kept as "top confidential secret, until today".

There are also numerous apps out there that not only provide information about the impending doom, but also help believers prepare for the event.

The Apocalypse 2012 End of Days game allows players to prepare for a life below the ground.

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