Texas executes man who stabbed neighbor 137 times
Thu, Apr 16, 2009

WASHINGTON - A parole violator was executed in Texas Wednesday for beating and stabbing a 67-year-old neighbor with a kitchen knife.

Michael Rosales, 35, was pronounced dead at 6:17 pm (0617am Singapore time), eight minutes after he began receiving a lethal injection, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice said.

'I love you. May the Lord be with you. Peace. I'm done,' where his last words.

Rosales, who was 23 at the time, told police he was high on cocaine when he was found by Mary Felder, 67, while trying to rob her home on June 4, 1997.

He then grabbed a kitchen knife from Felder's kitchen, stabbed her 137 times and struck her with a hard object before she died.

Local media described neighbours shocked by the brutal stabbing of Felder, whom they knew as "Miss Mary", a grandmotherly woman who gave children treats.

Rosales, who had been staying with friends at a neighbouring apartment, later led police to a dumpster where he had thrown the weapons after the assault.

In 2004, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals granted Rosales a stay of execution as he was heading to the death chamber.

But he was not as lucky on Tuesday, when the New Orleans, Louisiana court denied him a new stay of execution. In 1994, Rosales escaped from a Colorado jail where he had been held on charges of battery and resisting arrest.

He had also repeatedly violated his nearly four-year probation for a drug conviction in Lubbock, Texas, where the murder took place.

Rosales was the 13th inmate put to death since the start of the year in Texas, the US state with the highest capital punishment rate in the country.

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