Woman kills bisexual lover who slept with a man
Mon, Jul 12, 2010
The Daily Chilli

A factory worker in Taiwan killed her "girlfriend" after finding out that she had slept with a man behind her back.

Chen Shan Ni, 26, an Indonesian, confessed to killing Chen Li Zhu, 33, to an apartment security guard and later surrendered to the police in Taoyuan .

Police found the body of Chen, a divorcee who was also from Indonesia in the bedroom.

The bi-sexual Shan Ni who is married to a Taiwanese man, followed him to the country four years ago.

The suspect lying motionless on a sofa when police arrived to investigate the murder. Photo: The Daily Chilli

But soon after she arrived in Taiwan, Shan Ni fell in love with Chen Li Zhu.

She had been supporting her jobless lesbian lover for two years and rented an apartment for her. She would visit Li Zhu during the day and return home to her husband at night.

Recently, Shan Ni found out that her lover had secretly brought a man back to the apartment.

She caught Li Zhu and the man having sex when she went to the apartment to check.

Chen Li Zhu

On Friday night, the disraught and heartbroken Shan Ni walked to a nearby park to drink beer.

She returned to the apartment and begged Li Zhu to leave the man but failed.

The furious woman then took a knife and stabbed her lover to death.

Shan Ni ran to the rooftop of the apartment and tried to jump off the building but did not have the courage to commit suicide.

She slept on the rooftop until 8am the next morning after which she confessed to murdering Li Zhu to the security guard.

Li Zhu was stabbed five times on her chest and thrice on her back.

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