BreadTalk ex-manager jailed for seven months

A former manager of the bakery chain BreadTalk was jailed seven months today.

24-year old Or Zhi Xian had pleaded guilty in district court on April 4 for committing criminal breach of trust amounting to $14,539.

In January this year, he had served as the manager of a BreadTalk branch in West Mall shopping centre in Bukit Batok in January. He was found to have used the store's takings on Jan 7, 10, 17 and 18 to settle his debts and pay for his personal expenses.

His deed was discovered when the finance department informed the area manager that the sales proceeds on those days were not reflected in the branch's bank account.

Or initially lied and said he had deposited the money. However, he confessed upon being questioned by the police.

No restitution had been made.

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