Jail for sex with underage girl

A security consultant was jailed for four months yesterday for having commercial sex with an underage Vietnamese girl.

Winson Chan Swee Teck, 49, pleaded guilty to paying $100 to the then-16-year-old girl for sex at a hotel in Geylang in July last year.

The court heard that Chan, a divorcee, had approached the girl at a coffee shop at Lorong 28, Geylang.

As she looked young, Chan asked for her age and she replied she was 20 years old. But when he asked for her passport, she refused to show it to him.

Despite that, he agreed to have "short-time sex" with her for $100.

The pair met again the next day at the lodging house in Geylang where she was staying and he had sex with her at a nearby hotel for $100.

Chan is the second man to be convicted of having commercial sex with the same girl.

In January, a former Singapore Land Authority executive was sentenced for the same crime with the same girl.

The offence followed the same pattern - questioning of the girl's age, followed by the sexual deed. Kum Chin Tiong, 57, then a land and estate executive, pleaded guilty to having commercial sex with the 16-year-old Vietnamese girl in July last year.

A district court heard that Kum was at a Joo Chiat pub in mid-July when she approached him.

Refused to show passport

As in Chan's case, the girl said that she was 20 years old, but Kum did not believe her as she looked younger. She also refused to let him see her passport.

Despite that, Kum still asked her for sexual services and she quoted $100 for "short-time" sex. They then exchanged contact numbers.

At the end of July, she called him on the phone. Subsequently, he met her at her lodging house and they took a cab to the Meng Yew Hotel in Geylang, where he paid her $100 for her sexual services.

Kum, who has two children, was sentenced to nine months' jail.

Under the law, it is an offence for anyone to have commercial sex with a girl under 18.

Both men could have been jailed for up to seven years and/or fined.

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