McDonald's employee faces 20 years jail for spitting in drink

A McDonald's employee in South Carolina, US, is facing felony charges after spitting in two customers' cup of iced tea.

According to US broadcaster WSPA, the mother and daughter pair at the drive-through had returned the drink two times for not being sweet enough, but eventually settled on the unsweet drink.

But a horrifying find awaited them when they got home and took off the lid to put some sugar in it.

'They go home, pop the lids off their sweet tea to put some sugar in it and low and behold, to much of their surprise, a very large chunk of bodily fluid and phlegm in the top of their drink,' a health worker told WSPA.

When surveillance footage was viewed, investigators saw the employee, 19-year-old Marvin Washington Jr., leaning his face over the drink before filling them up.

Washington was arrested on Wednesday and charged with malicious tampering with food, reported the Daily Mail.

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