Suspicious hubby throws acid on wife's face

A contractor who suspected his estranged wife of having an affair threw acid at her face after blaming her beauty for their problems, reported Makkal Osai.

Kumar, 46, from Bangalore, emptied a bottle of acid on Gowramma, 37, on Sunday, yelling that she "would no longer need to go to beauty parlours".

He ran away as his wife screamed for help when the liquid singed her face and hands.

Police said the couple, who were married about 17 years ago and have four children, had been living separately for the past five years.

Kumar had earlier gone to see Gowramma at her home in Muddarayanapalya to convince her to return to him.

After telling her that he wanted to show her his new home, he took Gowramma on his bicycle to Kubasipalya, where he pulled out a bottle from under the seat and emptied its contents on her.

Gowramma, who was rushed to hospital, claimed that Kumar was abusive and had accused her of having affairs.

Kumar was later arrested by police.

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