Couple spat on victims before stealing their cash

SINGAPORE - Their weapon of choice: A mixture of raw egg and blue cheese.

Their victims: Unsuspecting people coming out of banks with large sums of money.

Their ploy: Smear the foul mixture on their victims and, while they are distracted, relieve them of their money.

Using this tactic, two Chilean nationals, Octavio Guillermo Silva Arancibia, 63, and Marisol Del Carmen Godoy Vivanco, 51, got away with about $27,000 from three victims.

But they didn't get away for long. Yesterday, they were each jailed two years on three charges of theft.

The duo, who are in a relationship, came to Singapore late last year and again last month.

Silva Arancibia would spit or throw the mixture on a victim who had just withdrawn or exchanged a large sum of money in a bank.

While pretending to help the victim clean up the mess, Godoy Vivanco would steal the money.

Their victims were:

Mr Kosari Hassan, 64, a despatch rider, who lost $12,619 on Nov 8 last year.

Mrs Neithalath Prasanna Menon, 58, an insurance executive planner, who lost $10,000 on March 14.

Ms Fumi Ushimaru, a project coordinator, who lost $4,500 on March 20.

Last November, Mr Kosari was walking inside Hitachi Tower after withdrawing the money from HSBC Bank at Collyer Quay for the electronics firm he works for when he felt something on his back.

Godoy Vivanco moved in while he was distracted and on his way to the toilet.

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