Yishun murder: Accused says he does not remember events

SINGAPORE - He stands accused of her murder, but Wang Zhijian yesterday told the court that he has no recollection of attacking Madam Yang Jie.

The body of Madam Yang, 36, who shared a rented flat with Wang's lover, was found at the foot of Block 349, Yishun Street 11, where she supposedly fell from the sixth-storey unit.

Wang, 45, is accused of killing his lover, Madam Zhang Meng, 42, her daughter Feng Jianyu, 17, and Madam Yang Jie in 2008.

In a report submitted to the court earlier, it was hypothesised that Madam Yang had run from her bedroom to the kitchen, and "was likely to have climbed up the kitchen sink and out of the kitchen window".

The report also said that there "is no evidence to suggest that Yang Jie's fingers were cut in the unit".

An autopsy report showed that almost all of the injuries Madam Yang suffered are consistent with that of a fall from a height, except for two slashes on her fingers - one each on both hands.

There were no stab wounds on her.

Madam Yang and her daughter, Grace (not her real name), who was 15 at the time, were in their bedroom when Wang allegedly ran in.

Grace cannot be identified as she was a minor at thetime.

According to Grace's statement, Madam Yang ran out of the bedroom as Wang rushed in.

Wang ran towards Grace and she backed up against the wall next to her study table.

He then slashed her cheek and continued attacking her.

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