Maid gets 4 years' jail for abusing disabled boy

KUANTAN, Malaysia - As a maid, 40-year-old Nanis Supardi was tasked with taking care of her employer's handicapped son, who is also bed-ridden.

Instead of giving full attention to the 11-year-old boy, the Indonesian maid had abused the boy including stepping on his face, neck, chest and stomach.

The mother of four also covered the victim's face with a piece of cloth before forcing the helpless boy to drink.

Nanis' cruel acts were recorded on a closed-circuit television camera and she was yesterday sentenced to four years' jail after pleading guilty to abusing the boy at her employer's home in Kampung Batu Hitam between 6pm and 6.30pm on March 13.

She was also sentenced to six months' jail after she pleaded guilty to overstaying as her social visit pass had expired on Feb 29.

The woman, from East Java, was expressionless, when Sessions Court judge Noradidah Ahmad meted out the sentence, which was translated into Javanese by a court interpreter.

When Noradida said her act was cruel as the victim could not even move, Nanis, only said that she khilaf (had made a mistake).

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