He stabbed, hammered ex-lover to death

SINGAPORE - The businessman's mutilated and decomposing body was found on Sept 22, 2005, nine days after he was killed in his flat.

Lim Ah Liang, then 28, had stabbed 37-year-old MrHo Kien Leong 13 times, then hammered him with a metal frame until he died.

Lim then changed into fresh clothes and dumped the bloody ones he had worn as well as the knife used to stab Mr Ho.

He left the flat in Block 79, Indus Road, in the River Valley area, taking along Mr Ho's two mobile phones, electronic safe, wallet and house keys.

He passed these items and another identity card belonging to a Lee Yean Shan to one Gu Chen Lin. Lim told Gu to sell the items, try to crack the safe, withdraw money using the ATM cards, and if possible, buy things with Mr Ho's credit cards.

The pair agreed to share the loot.

Lim then fled to Johor Baru on Sept 18, but was arrested on Sept 23, after the police traced him through his mobile phone.

It was revealed in court that Lim had met Mr Ho in March that year and started working for Mr Ho's massage business. Lim provided sexual services on the side, and the pair would also engage in homosexual acts at Mr Ho's flat.

He became unhappy when Mr Ho wanted a larger cut from Lim's earnings in June. They fought, and Lim stopped working for Mr Ho.

Later, in September that year, Lim had a change of heart and the pair met around 6pm at Mr Ho's flat.

Their negotiations turned violent and Lim claimed that Mr Ho had reached for a knife. He said Mr Ho told him to come clean about working for another pimp, and told him to either "work for me or make love to me".

They started to fight, and Lim grabbed the knife and stabbed Mr Ho.

Psychiatric reports showed that Lim suffered from dysthymia, a chronic disorder that requires long-term medication for depression.

The judge imposed a life sentence, saying that Lim might benefit from the controlled prison environment.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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