Jailed for adding blood to coffee

The crime she committed was nauseating.

Jumiah, a 24-year-old Indonesian maid who goes by just the one name, tainted her then-employer's coffee with her menstrual discharge because she believed that he would be nice to her after consuming the drink.

The 37-year old man cannot be named due to a court order.

The court on Tuesday heard that Jumiah stored her menstrual discharge in a plastic bottle on Aug 26 last year.

Five days later, at around 6.30am, she poured some of the fluid into the man's coffee.

Assistant Public Prosecutor (APP) Lim Yu Hui said the maid's unsuspecting victim then downed the drink before leaving his home.

Jumiah, who pleaded guilty on Tuesday to one count of mischief, was jailed for a month.

The petite maid had been working for the man since July 16 last year.

She lived in a flat with him, his wife, their three children, and his mother.

The court heard that according to Jumiah, the man's mother was very demanding. APP Lim told District Judge John Ng that she had to re-do her chores if the man's mother found her performance unsatisfactory.

APP Lim added that Jumiah had told the couple that she wanted to work elsewhere, but they turned down her request.

The maid later remembered that one of her friends had told her that the man's mother would become nicer to her if she consumed her menstrual discharge.

But Jumiah decided to feed the tainted drink to the man instead.

The maid thought after downing the disgusting mixture, the man would either agree to send her back to her agency or defend her when she got scolded.

But the crime came to light just minutes after the man downed the drink and left the house on Aug 31 last year.

At around 7am, his mother spotted the plastic bottle containing Jumiah's menstrual discharge, which the latter had accidentally left near a microwave oven.

The older woman confronted the maid, who lied, claiming that the brownish liquid inside was tea. Jumiah then took the bottle and threw the contents away.

Though she tried to get rid of the bottle too, the man's mother got hold of it.

Caught by mother

The man came home at around 6.30pm the next day and his mother showed it to him. Jumiah again insisted that it had contained tea.

The court heard that the truth emerged after the man told her that he would send the bottle for laboratory testing.

Jumiah then admitted that she had added some of her menstrual discharge to his coffee the day before.

She also told him why she did so.

The man lodged a police report on Sept 2 last year and Jumiah was arrested.

In mitigation, Jumiah, who was not represented, told the court that she is remorseful and that her only intention was to return to Indonesia as soon as possible.

She pleaded for a light sentence and apologised to everyone involved in the case for her "foolish act".

For committing the act of mischief, Jumiah could have been jailed up to a year and fined.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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