Jailed for using stolen credit cards

Unemployed and in debt, Yee Kwee Lan, 43, agreed last year to work for a syndicate involved in credit card fraud, by using other people's credit cards to buy goods.

On Thursday, Yee pleaded guilty to eight counts of conspiring with others to cheat by presenting credit cards which did not belong to her to make purchases totalling $21,700 at several jewellery shops and Sheng Siong supermarket.

The Singapore permanent resident, an ex-SBS Transit bus driver, had faced a total of 35 charges of mostly abetment-by-conspiracy to cheat in August last year.

Also considered during her sentencing were 27 other charges.

She was sentenced to 54 months' jail.

Court papers stated that Yee, who is single and is from Malaysia, had owed about RM20,000 (S$8,000) to illegal moneylenders there.

She had tried to borrow money from a friend in Malaysia to pay off her gambling debt.

Her friend, known as Ng, then offered her a job to use credit cards to make purchases in Singapore.

Yee was promised 5 per cent commission of the total price of goods that she helped to buy.

She would also be given more than $200 for food and lodging in Singapore for an undisclosed time.

Yee arrived in Singapore last August.

She met her accomplice, who handed her several credit cards.

Those credit cards had been intercepted after being mailed to cardholders by various banks in Singapore.

The accomplice also gave Yee a few forged identity cards with her photo affixed on them.

Shopping spree

The accomplice then drove Yee around and gave her instructions on what to buy with those credit cards.

Between Aug 13 and Aug 19, Yee went on a shopping spree and bought gold, jewellery, cigarettes and alcohol.

She would then hand over the purchases to her accomplice.

On Aug 19, Yee was arrested at Poh Seng Jewellers at New Bridge Road. She was wearing a wig.

Yee was one of the pioneer women SBS Transit bus drivers when she first came to Singapore in 2000, but left the company after about six years.

This article was first published in The New Paper.

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