Police cameras didn't deter woman from vandalising flat

Deputy Assistant Commissioner Keok Tong San, 42, Commander of Ang Mo Kio Police Division

The police don't often get involved in disputes between neighbours.

But the men in blue from Ang Mo Kio Police Division did, after two neighbours continued their squabble for seven years.

The two went so far as to pour urine in front of each other's homes.

To put a stop to the feud, the police decided to install cameras in front of both flats.

With some 1.4 million people living in its neighbourhoods, this division has the biggest population of Singapore's six police divisions, and managing disputes between neighbours is one of its biggest challenges.

Without identifying the people involved in the seven-year feud, the Commander of Ang Mo Kio Police Division, Deputy Assistant Commissioner (DAC) Keok Tong San, told The New Paper: "They had used soil to smear each other's front doors, they spat at each other and they had made complaints. We tried to have agencies like the grassroots involved to mediate.

"We tried to tell them, if you can't see eye to eye with each other, just maintain the peace in the neighbourhood. And still they continued fighting."

Finally, DAC Keok, 42, who became the division's commander this February, decided to install the cameras.

"This fighting couldn't go on forever. Police resources had to be deployed to attend to the matter. Every time something happened, one party would lodge a police report. Then they retaliate.

After that, it's the other party's turn to make a report.

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