Man helped run secret brothel in Chinatown

SINGAPORE - A vice syndicate operated two massage parlours on the quiet in Chinatown shophouses rented by a construction firm.

On Monday, one of its members was sentenced to three months in jail for living off the earnings of a prostitute and abetment in the running of a brothel.

A district court heard that Huang Han Jie, 29, had manned one of the massage parlours. He also pleaded guilty to collecting $1,000 in all from a prostitute from Feb14 to 24 last year.

She had earned $150 each from 20 customers during the 10 days and he took a one-third cut.

Court papers stated that in early 2010, Koh Swee Beng, 47, paid $700 a month to Loh Wah Peng, 41, to rent a shophouse in Amoy Street using the latter's firm, Wah Peng Construction, as a cover.

Five Chinese nationals were hired as masseuses but worked as prostitutes. They were between 28 and 33 years old.

In September 2010, Koh was said to have got Loh to rent another shophouse in Teck Lim Road for a similar business.

The massage parlours operated behind closed doors in the two shophouses so that the landlords would not suspect anything.

The syndicate had posted on its own website photographs of the five women. Men interested in a private massage service would call to confirm a booking at either of the two premises.

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