Rio, who is represented by Mr Sanjiv Rajan and Ms Christine Tee, faces 39 charges, including procuring women for prostitution, between last October and January this year, and living off the immoral earnings of four prostitutes.

The couple is alleged to have managed a brothel at various hotels and abetted 15 customers in having commercial sex with the minor.

Co-accused Ahmad Habiibul Hakim Assalafi, 19, has claimed trial to 15 charges, including five of abetting customers in obtaining the commercial sexual services of the minor.

His sister Nuurul Aliyyah Abdul Talib, 23, and Nur Azilah Ithnin, 21, face five and three unrelated charges respectively.

Only Nuurul Aliyyah, represented by Mr Michael Chia, is out on bail. The rest are in remand.

A pre-trial conference held on Wednesday was adjourned to July 10 for another pre-trial conference.

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