Sex menus in massage shops
Sat, Nov 01, 2008
The Star

BUKIT MERTAJAM, MALAYSIA - News of traditional massage parlours offering 'additional services' raised eyebrows at the Seberang Prai Municipal Council meeting.

'My friends who went to a few parlours for normal massages were shocked when the masseuse asked if they wanted extra services.

'Apart from locals, many masseuse are young women from China and neighbouring countries,' councillor Teoh Seang Hooi told the meeting yesterday.

He said there were many massage parlours in South Seberang Prai and Central Seberang Prai that offered 'additional' services while some of the 40 parlours in Seberang Prai were illegal. He urged the council to check on the premises regularly.

'Such activities do not only cause moral decay in our society but can also destroy marriages. Many women have complained to me that their husbands spent too much time at massage parlours,' he said.

Councillor M. Ramachandran told reporters later that he heard of a massage parlour in South Seberang Prai that openly showed customers a 'sexual favour' menu with a price list.

Oon Neow Aun said the council should ensure that masseuse work in open halls and not cubicles or private rooms.

Johari Kassim said the council's Licensing Department should be more stringent when approving permits for massage parlours.

Council president Farizan Darus said the allegations could involve illegal massage parlours or those in the process of being issued licences.

'We will look into the matter as soon as possible,' he said.

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