Sex haven in Sungai Petani
Wed, May 06, 2009
The Star/Asia News Network

MALAYSIA: Several budget hotels in Sungai Petani are providing rooms for unmarried Malay couples seeking sexual escapades.

They offer packages of RM30 (SGD12.54) for a two-hour tryst or RM50 for a one-night stay.

Kedah Religious Department Chief Assistant Director of Legal and Enforcemant Division Sheikh Muhammad Suhaimi Salleh told Harian Metro that these hotels often operate in unsuspicous locations.

The management would usually hire foreign workers to man the reception area.

"We believe that it is their strategy to delay the work of enforcement officers who carry out hotel raids as these foreign workers do not speak Bahasa well," he said.

The tactic is also believed to stall for time so the couples would have time to slip away unnoticed.

Suhaimi said the hotels did not publicise their business but only distribute business cards with contact numbers to call. Their operations were no less different compared to the "relax houses" that were popular three years ago, he added.


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