Thu, Jan 14, 2010
The Daily Chilli
Gay peeping toms at M'sian swimming pool


Women are often the victims of Peeping Toms. But at the Seberang Jaya public swimming pool in Butterworth, it's the men who are feeling squeamish.

This is because a group of gay patrons are getting an eyeful by peeping at guys while they shower.

The situation has arisen because most of the collapsible PVC doors in the shower stalls are broken. Large holes in many of the partition boards between the shower stalls have not helped either.

The gay Peeping Toms are probably also responsible for damaged bidet tap heads in the toilet stalls as it is believed that they stepped on the tap heads to peek into the next toilet stall.

Pool supervisor Mohamad Mazlan Omar said several patrons had complained that they felt like they were being watched while taking a shower.

Speaking during a visit by four Seberang Prai Municipal councillors to the pool in Jalan Siakap Thursday, Mohamad Mazlan said he believed a gay group of patrons were the voyeurs, noting that they were tarnishing the pool management's image.

He said many warning notices that threaten vandals with a RM100 fine were ignored.

"For the time being, I have advised all male patrons to wear their shorts when they shower.

"I hope the Seberang Prai Municipal Council can help build proper concrete walls and roofs for both the showering and toilet stalls," he said.

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