Amused by ghostly tales
Wed, Apr 21, 2010
New Straits Times

A BACKBENCHER'S tale of the existence of a family of three "ghosts" at the newly-opened Kuala Krau bridge near Temerloh, Pahang had the house in stitches.

Datuk Mohamed Jaafar (BN-Jenderak) said the "ghostly sighting" was now a topic of discussion among the people who lived near the bridge.

He claimed it had also been reported by a Malay daily recently.

Mohamed said the villagers claimed that three ghosts -- a child and its parents -- would jump onto the back seat of a vehicle if the driver refused to give them a ride.

State assembly Speaker Datuk Wan Mohamad Razali Wan Mahussin had the house in stitches when he interjected, saying that it would be worse if one of the ghosts clung on to the side screen of one's vehicle.

"Just imagine, the ghost staring at you from outside while you are driving your vehicle," he said.

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