Bridezilla horror stories
Sun, May 30, 2010
New Straits Times

Planning a wedding can be a very rewarding experience, but there are also lots of nightmares that come with it.

"It's not easy to plan someone else's big day. Although we may have made some good friends in the process, we also had had a few who had come back to ask for refunds and discounts," says Nupts & Such director Eileen Lui.

"Many were just being mean or trying their luck. Over the years, we've come to realise that it's very important to have a signed contract.

"There are brides who want everything to be perfect; from the direction each glass is supposed to face to having their entire family involved in the planning stage.

"From the get-go, I make it a point to be direct and firm with them. I only deal with the couple, not their extended family members. At the end of the day, my reputation is at stake and I need my clients to understand that.

"I also prefer to meet both the man and woman together as this will eliminate any unnecessary problem the couple might encounter about their individual likes and dislikes.

"In this business, it's very important to have good vibes when you meet a new client. Being in the industry for so long, you generally know whether the couple are going to work well with you.

"It's not just about the money, I enjoy what I do and I want my clients to be equally satisfied with the outcome."

Lui's partner, Cindy Chang, is convinced that although it is a nice idea, destination weddings are not for everyone.

"Over 90 per cent of our clients want destination weddings. But the couples who opt for this need to be able to trust their planner and learn to let go.

"Many couples who have local weddings tend to lose focus. They get picky about every small thing before and during the ceremony.

"With destination weddings, there is a mutual understanding that what is there, is there. It takes a person who is not very rigid to accept that."

She says it's always important to ask yourself why you want a destination wedding.

"There is no point having a destination wedding just because everyone else is doing it. It has to be a meaningful place; somewhere that holds special memories for the both of you."

Many brides, she says, think they can be wedding planners just because they've gone through the experience.

"This is a dangerous assumption because not everyone is cut out for the job. The fact that there is only a handful of reputable wedding planners in Malaysia makes it tough for people to trust us.

"Many complain that they know of friends who have had bad experiences with planners, but these are usually freelance planners who were brides themselves."

Besides Bali, Lui says, their company is looking at other wedding locations in the region.

"Indochina countries have such rich cultures and very charming places for wedding ceremonies. We are hoping to be able to offer our clients that option in the future."

She says it's unfortunate that the process for foreigners to be wed in Malaysia is tedious to the point that many get turned off from the start.

"We have amazing beaches and highlands in our country. We get many email requests from British couples who are longing to have their ceremony and registration here. There are many opportunities for growth in the tourism industry through weddings.

"Unfortunately, the inconsistent document requests and long processes are such a deterrent. Because of all the red-tape, many foreigners choose to go to our neighbouring countries to be wed."

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