Shaken by titillating dashboard doll
Wed, Nov 24, 2010
The Star/Asia News Network

A DOLL that jiggles its breasts when its bra is taken off is attracting a lot of attention - and customers - at a day market in Wang Kelian, Perlis, Kosmo! reported.

Priced at RM10 each (S$4.20), the dolls are suitable dashboard decorations, the vendor told the newspaper.

"It takes the driver's mind off from boredom and being sleepy," the paper quoted him as saying.

However, not many people agree about having such naughty toys being openly displayed and sold as it touches on social sensitivities and are also viewed by children.

It was learnt the China-made dolls came through a neighbouring country and were sold on weekends by the vendor, who was also found to be selling an assorted range of sex toys besides the usual gadgets of torchlights and lighters.

At least five dolls were sold a day, said the vendor, explaining that the breasts were activated by solar energy to jiggle whenever the bra was taken off.

A visitor to the day market, who wished to be known only as Ahmad, said he was shocked that such toys could be sold openly.

"I am embarrassed that the toy is being sold so openly, with the vendor calling out loudly to passers-by," he complained, adding that the market is usually packed with people, including children.



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  Shaken by titillating dashboard doll
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