Banner boo-boo during Wen Jiabao's visit to Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - THE high profile visit of Chinese premier Wen Jiabao to Malaysia was marred by an embarrasssing banner at a welcoming ceremony.

The Chinese text on the banner contained several grammar and syntax errors.

The embarrassing banner was prominently displayed at a podium near the Prime Minister's Department in the federal administrative capital for the official welcoming ceremony for Mr Wen.


The words on the banner were a direct translation from a sentence in Malay.

The sentence in Malay was: "Istiadat Sambutan Rasmi Sempena Lawatan Rasmi TYT Wen Jiabao Ke Malaysia" (Official welcoming ceremony in conjunction with official visit of His Excellency Wen Jiabao to Malaysia).

Literally translated, the Chinese words read: "Official welcoming ceremony, with him Wen Jiabao His Excellency's official visit Malaysia".

Chinese-literate reporters and guests, including Chinese Malaysian minsiters, at the ceremony were reportedly taken aback.

Netizens who posted the picture online were equally horrified by the boo-boo.

One user, Rubystar_4037 said: "Such faux pas is inexcusable, especially when the big bold letters are beamed across the whole world. I feel very embarrassed."

Others were angry that the Malay sentence was translated using Google Translate instead of consulting an official language interpreter.

Mr Wen arrived on Wednesday for a two-day official visit to Malaysia. It is unclear whether the Chinese premier noticed the erroneous banner.