Women pay to remove 'ugly' demons

Many women intent on remaining young and beautiful have resorted to a treatment involving the exorcism of demons from their body, Metro Ahad reported.

A practitioner in Kota Baru told the paper she charged these women from RM50 (S$20) for just a facial treatment to RM400 for a complete "overhaul" of their body.

Kak Mah, as she likes to be known, said she catered for women who desired firmer breasts and buttocks, more pointed noses and chins and other beauty treatments.

"Satan dwells in everyone's body and because of this a lot of ugly things happen to us, such as being unattractive and facing a host of other problems," she said.

Kak Mah added that she casts out demons by whispering Allah's name and a doa (supplication) as well as reciting specific holy verses.

The women are given an antidote to drink, a body massage to reduce cholesterol from the body and a floral bath at the end of the beauty ritual.

The treatment is given over three consecutive days, with each session lasting about six hours.

Kak Mah, 50, a single mother, said she also treats stroke patients and those possessed by spirits.

The paper reported confessions by two stewardesses that they did not mind taking the exorcism beauty treatment as long as it did not cloud their religious beliefs or harm their body.

The paper, however, quoted Kelantan Mufti Datuk Mohamad Shukri as saying that there should be an in-depth study on the method used to ensure it did not go against the tenets of Islam.