Malaysia's biometric voting system ready

MALAYSIA - A biometric research and development firm said it has developed a software able to detect identical thumbprints in a system, thus enabling the Election Commission to clean up the electoral roll and prevent mutilple voting.

ASAP Bhd chief value provider P. Chakravertty said the system could complement indelible-ink voting.

"We will be approaching the EC and the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) soon as the system is ready to be deployed."

The Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) could, for instance, detect and flag two identification cards with matching thumbprints.

"EC officers can keep only one of these conflicting records," he said, adding that the system worked because thumbprints were unique.

AFIS, developed by a biometric research and development firm - Dermalog and distributed by ASAP, also had the capability of pre-loading voter data according to different constituencies into a specially made handheld device.

"This function would be helpful to EC officers armed with such devices on voting day," Chakravertty said.

He also said the AFIS programme on each handheld device could only be accessed by EC officers in charge.

The officers need to scan their MyKad and thumbprint to verify their identity before the programme can boot.

"When a voter shows up at a polling station, he or she can insert his or her MyKad into the reader. The system is compatible with both the old and new MyKad."

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