Abused wife has had enough

After two abortions, several miscarriages and incessant beatings by her husband in their six years of marriage, a 28-year-old wife finally found the courage to file a police report against him and is now seeking a divorce.

However, she still fears he may continue to harass her and her family, the victim told China Press.

The couple had been staying with her parents since their marriage but her folks asked him to leave the house after the woman asked for a divorce.

However, she fears he will come back to haunt her and her family.

Relating her nightmare of living with the 31-year-old man, she said he started beating her in the first month of their marriage.

"I did not cry for help even though I was in pain," she said, adding that she did not want her parents to hear her cry.

The woman said she continued to stay with him as he would beat her harder and even more if she tried to break up with him.

She added that she was beaten up even when she was pregnant.

She lodged a police report when she could not take it anymore, especially after yet another miscarriage, she told the paper,

"He agreed to a divorce after I lodged two police reports last month," she said.

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