Flat dwellers' agony after water tank breaks

Above: It is back-breaking work for Boon Ya Chi, who has to pull pails of water up to her unit on the third floor of Block B in Seberang Terus in Alor Star after the flats’ water tank broke about three weeks ago.

ALOR STAR, Malaysia - Pulling pails of water up to her unit on the third floor has been a daily chore for Boon Ya Chi since the main water tank on Block B of the five-storey state-owned flats in Seberang Terus in Alor Star, Kedah broke about three weeks ago.

Using a long nylon string, a pulley and a hook, the 28-year old housewife would pull up to 10 pails of water every morning to meet her daily needs.

"It has been a very arduous task for me and my husband. This cannot go on forever, especially when we have been promised a new water tank to replace the broken one," said Boon, who was among 300 residents who were busy replenishing their supply with water supplied by Syarikat Air Darulaman yesterday morning.

Meanwhile, Boon's neighbours, an elderly couple who live on the top floor, have been forced to have meals delivered to their home since they wish to save water for needs other than washing dishes and cooking.

"I am not as strong as Boon to use the pulley system. So I walk up and down slowly to carry at least 10 pails of water every morning.

"I do this alone since my 73-year-old husband is too weak to help me," said the 62-year-old grandmother who declined to be named.

According to the flat dwellers, the state housing board had promised to install a new water tank when they removed the broken one at the end of last month. However, the authorities have yet to honour their word.

State Housing Committee chairman Datuk Amiruddin Hamzah could not be contacted for comment.

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