'Govt fair to all schools - national, Chinese and Tamil'

BUKIT MERTAJAM, Malaysia - Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday refuted an allegation by the opposition that the Federal Government purportedly did not provide aid to national-type Chinese schools (SJKC).

He described the allegation as irresponsible because the government always provided equitable allocation to every school and gave priority to education.

"Education is a crucial matter. If there are people who say that the education minister is a Malay ... he does not like Chinese people, this is not right. My face is certainly that of a Malay, but I have Malaysian guts.

"I assist even the Chinese schools, that's why we help the national type Chinese schools. Today, I want to announce that we want to give RM1.5 million (S$610, 705) for the school in Batu Kawan.

"I also agree to assist the Tamil school here. This is a small matter," he said when addressing the people in the Batu Kawan parliamentary constituency at a 1Malaysia gathering, here.

Muhyiddin, who is also education minister, said the government always gave its attention to all 8,500 national schools, 1,200 SJKCs and 500 national type Tamil schools.

"For our future, we will give emphasis on educational matters. The prime minister gave a substantial allocation to me, but this is inadequate.

"We will increase it. Next year, we will budget and if we can increase, we can build more schools."

He said the government would never stop to make changes to ensure that the people continued to have a good future.

Muhyiddin said the response from the people in Batu Kawan for the programmes organised by the BN showed a bigger turnout with almost 10,000 residents attending.

He hoped BN would redeem its defeat in the last general election with the continued support of the people.

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