Patrol car attacked

A police car which was attacked by Bersih 3.0 protesters here crashed into three people sitting by the road after the driver lost control of the vehicle.

The incident occurred at 4.15pm near the Sogo shopping complex here when the large crowd was directed towards Maju Junction from Dataran Merdeka by Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) officers.

As the crowd moved, a police four-wheel drive and a police car went through the crowd of protesters.

Angry protesters threw water bottles and stones at both vehicles, smashing their windscreens.

While the driver of the four-wheel drive managed to get to safety, the second car was quickly surrounded by the protesters who smashed the windows.

One protester even climbed on to the car and beat on the hood with his hands.

The policeman driving the car lost control and crashed into three protesters sitting by the road, seriously injuring one of them.

The protesters then overturned the vehicle.

The injured protester was rushed to a nearby hospital while the other two escaped with minor injuries.

The policeman in the vehicle also suffered injuries and has been admitted to hospital.

KL deputy CPO Datuk Amar Singh confirmed the incident.

In a separate incident near Sogo, protesters were seen chasing a policeman on foot.

The policeman ran but in his haste dropped his pistol, which was picked up by a protester.

Witnesses said several policemen tried to go after the protester but he managed to slip into the crowd and disappeared.

Police tweeted later that the weapon had been recovered.

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