LRT stations in the city closed for safety reasons

Commuters who used the LRT to get into Kuala Lumpur during the Bersih 3.0 rally had to find alternative ways out as Rapid KL kept several stations in the city closed until about 4.30pm.

A Rapid KL spokesman said: "We closed the stations for safety reasons, so that people didn't rush in and fall onto the tracks which contain electric cables."

Regular updates on the status of the stations were posted on Twitter, with some in response to com-plaints and requests to reopen them.

At 4.01pm, @phuiyee tweeted in BM to Rapid KL (@MyRapidKL): "@PDRMsia (Polis DiRaja Malaysia's official Twitter handle) fired gas to get the people to disperse.

"Retract the order to @MyRapidKL to close the stations so that people can go home immediately and safely."

Later the Twitter user who was at the rally said: "@MyRapidKL The ppl depend on your reliable service on this crucial day.

"Pls negotiate with @PDRMsia quickly and re-open all stations. U can do it!"

To this, Rapid KL replied at 4.30pm saying: "Police have given permission to open Dang Wangi. Others will follow if situation under control."

At 4.55pm, @MyRapidKL ann-ounced: "KJ Line Update: Masjid Jamek Stn remains closed. Other stations are opened."

Minutes later, @dianwalqatariah's tweeted: "Apa lagi nak tutup? (What's the point of closing?) Thing has ended."

In response, Rapid KL gave the assurance: "No more station closing. Waiting green light from police to open the remaining."

Rapid KL announced via Twitter at 7.14pm: "Masjid Jamek station opened.

"All stations resume normal operations. Thank you for your cooperation.

"We regret it, but it was the best collective decision made by us and police for the safety of all folks and our customers."

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