Water miracle for man with skin allergy

An elderly man claimed that his skin allergy went away after he had a bath in red syrup- coloured well water, Kosmo! reported yesterday.

Man Mat, 70, said he overheard villagers talking about a 10-year-old well in Kampung Pintu Gerbang in Pasir Puteh, which produced water that looked like red syrup.

"After I heard about the strange incident, I went straight to the well and took the water in the hope of treating my skin problem.

"I bathed with the well water at home and the problem gradually went away," said Man, who is from Kuala Besut, on Saturday.

Well owner Ramli Mohd Nor, 47, said staff members from the Pasir Puteh district Health Department had taken water samples from the well for tests.

For now, he said he would not stop people from taking water from the well unless it was proven that the water was hazardous.

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