Private investigator reveals top 10 signs of a cheating spouse

NOT long ago suspicious spouses had to depend on hoodlums and thugs in seedy private investigation firms, located alongside brothels in dark alleys of rundown neighbourhoods.

Today, one need only catch a taxi or bus, or take a look behind one, to nab a straying partner.

MVD International chief strategy officer (CSO), Rebecca C., says their clever advertising campaign has got the phones ringing off the hook.

"I first penned the phrase 'Catch Cheating Spouse' for an investigation campaign in Singapore. It was well received by the people there, I suppose because adultery was and still is one of the highest investigated matters in the country.

"Two years later, it was only natural to start running the same campaign here in Malaysia. We were not sure how the public would respond, but the feedback has been overwhelming.

"Since the ads first appeared at the back of taxis and buses in the Klang Valley, we've been getting calls asking us to investigate spouses every single day.

"So much so we've even started using the phrase on our company T-shirts and billboards. In fact, some of my private investigators and I hang around popular night spots in the Klang Valley, prominently displaying the catchy phrase on our clothes, just for the fun of it."

Rebecca says while the increasing number of extramarital affairs is nothing to be proud of, she's glad to be able to reach out to the "victims" of adultery.

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