National policy on tie-up for internships needed

KUALA LUMPUR - The Malaysian Employers Federation (MEF) yesterday said more measures need to be taken on the tie-up programmes between conglomerates and vocational and technical schools.

Its executive director, Shamsuddin Bardan, said the joint programmes between private companies and the institutions were necessary to bring out the best in students.

"This will be beneficial in the long run as talents and skills can be retained for domestic development."

Shamsuddin said companies could offer internship to students from technical and vocational institutions as a form of investment while identifying future human capital for their entities.

National Union of the Teaching Profession chairman Hashim Adnan had called on companies to partner with vocational colleges and schools.

Hashim had said companies could step in to sponsor students for technical workshops overseas.

"We seem to be slacking in this practice whereas developed countries have been carrying out tie-up programmes at the primary school level to bring out the best in students," Shamsuddin said.

He added that a national policy needed to be formulated with regard to the tie-up initiative to ensure that participating companies were protected as it was still a novel idea in the country.

"Companies which are keen to be part of the tie-up programme can be granted incentives, such as tax reductions, to enable them to make it part of their corporate social responsibility programme.

"We have many brilliant youngsters whose talents can be tapped for the benefit of the country and all we need to do is provide them the platform to shine."

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