Busiest month for tailoring couple

KUANTAN - While most of their Muslim counterparts have stopped taking orders for Hari Raya Aidilfitri clothes, particularly baju Melayu, a Chinese couple here have been burning the midnight oil to complete orders for their Muslim customers.

Tailor Lin Keong Seng, 56, and his wife, Kang Ngik Hua, 53, continue to take orders for the costume as most of their customers at their Jalan Besar outlet here have been with them since it opened in the late 1970s.

Known for their fine and neat sewing approach, the couple have no problem meeting their customers' requirements and are also open to new ideas from their clients.

Lin, who inherited the business from his late father, said staying up late during Ramadan had been a routine for them every year.

"We specialise in sewing the teluk belanga, style which is a round-neck baju Melayu with a small loop at the top. We will take turns to measure, cut and sew them."

He added that none of his four children, aged between 20 and 30, was interested in tailoring.

Lin said for this year's Raya, they got more than 80 baju Melayu orders and it took between two to four days to complete each order, depending on the type of material.

Lin said he also sews uniforms worn by some of the government departments and hotels in the state capital.

However, he said for the past two months, they were forced to focus on sewing the baju Melayu as orders had been pouring in and Raya was only two weeks away.

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