Fisherman stung by ray fish dies

MUAR - A 55-year-old fisherman died of blood poisoning 34 hours after he was stung by a plate-size ray fish in the Straits of Malacca on Saturday.

Rashid Arshad and his assistant, Daud Haris, 52, had left the Parit Jawa fishing village here at 4am to lower 60 nets off the Muar coast.

When they hauled up the nets about 10am, a plate-size red ray fish was spotted in one of the nets.

Rashid felt an excruciating pain when he accidentally touched the fish, which stung him in the right hand just below the thumb.

According to his younger brother Kamaruddin, 48, Rashid returned from sea about 12.30pm and complained of acute pains and fever.

"When he told me that he had been stung by a ray fish, I took him to the Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital at 2pm.

"He was warded but died at 10am on Monday of blood poisoning," he said here yesterday.

Kamaruddin said this was the first incident of its kind in his 30 years as a fisherman.

Rashid, who was a fisherman for 30 years, leaves behind a wife, Rasidah Ali, 48, and eight children.

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