April 27 a hot date for Malaysia's polling day: Tweeters

PETALING JAYA - Many tweeters chose April 27 when asked to guess the general election's polling day via the #GE13WhenWhy hashtag.

For some, it was a matter of mathematics.

@FarikZolkepli tweeted: "Polling on the 27th, based on duration of campaign period and nomination either on April 11, 12 or 12 #GE13whenwhy".

As schools are also used as polling centres, @kawansetia tweeted: "April 27. Schools would be conveniently closed for the showdown!"

Convenience was another important factor, and @kennywong tweeted: "27 Apr to ensure all can plan to return to vote. All other things like school replacement can be moved #GE13WhenWhy".

The session saw its share of jokes, as @@jleongmy tweeted: "#GE13whenwhy 26th April. I read my coffee grounds and it said so".

The upcoming ASEAN Summit, which will be held in Brunei on April 24, also earned mentions in many predictions.

@aay_tripleseven weighed in with: "Anytime before 27th April since ASEAN summit will be held on that day lol. I'm voting for 20th #GE13WhenWhy".

A few based their predictions on the number 11, as it is Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak's favourite number.

Kedah Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang, tweeted: "Very likely to be May 11 (Saturday) ....just look at the number plate of PM @najibrazak car #GE13WhenWhy".

On dissolution day, Najib had travelled to Istana Negara in a Proton Perdana limousine with the number plate WRX 11.

Some guessed the date based on upcoming holidays.

Kavitha Aruljothi tweeted: "Probably 25th of May. Sufficient time to campaign, during the school holidays & well within the 60-day time frame. #GE13WhenWhy"

@limwengmarc chose Labour Day, and tweeted: "I foresee #GE13 #PRU13 on 1/5: symbolic meaning of 1 (#1Malaysia); every1 on holiday; easy 2 remember. #GE13WhenWhy".

Other tweeters, like @yoongkhean, merely wanted the date to be set "ASAP because it's about time!"

@chaoching tweeted: "dun care when but faster set it. need to arrange to go home and VOTE! oh public transport shd be on promo AA/firefly/bus/train! #GE13whenwhy".


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