Johor's Mentri Besar says Iskandar caters to all

JOHOR BARU - Johor Barisan Nasional chairman Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman yesterday said people cannot hope for the opposition to continue with the development of Iskandar Malaysia if they come to power.

Ghani, who is the outgoing menteri besar, also assured the people that development brought by the BN government was meant to be enjoyed by everyone regardless of race.

"The opposition is trying to paint a picture that they can carry out better development than BN and accused us of discriminating against one ethnic group in favour of another.

"This is not true, as we can see that the Iskandar Malaysia development caters to everyone," he said at a get-together with about 1,000 voters at the Skudai multi-purpose hall here on Wednesday night.

The BN Gelang Patah parliamentary candidate was accompanied by his wife, Prof Datin Paduka Dr Jamilah Ariffin, to the function, which was organised by the Skudai Indian Ladies Welfare Development Association.

Ghani said everyone will have fair employment opportunities in Iskandar Malaysia as the thriving development there would create a market for a wide range of skills.

He was commenting on reports on opposition's claims that if it were to win in the general election, it would continue with the development of Iskandar Malaysia and do even better.

Opposition leaders on the ceramah circuit in Gelang Patah had also alleged that only those from certain races were benefitting from the current Iskandar Malaysia development.

"Contrary to these allegations, the local community is very happy with the growing township of Iskandar Malaysia.

"We have followed all the guidelines and everything has been done in accordance with the law as we develop the area of Iskandar Malaysia which includes Gelang Patah."

Present were Skudai state candidate Liang Ah Chy and MCA Gelang Patah division chairman Jason Teoh.

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