Mon, Jan 12, 2009
He asked MP to exorcise ghosts

>Ong Kah Chua or Ah-Ong, the 70-year-old who set fire to Yio Chu Kang MP Seng Han Thong, once asked the MP to exorcise ghosts in his flat and complained that his neighbours wanted to poison him.

Lianhe Wanbao reports that the elderly attacker started looking up the MP three years ago, complaining about ghosts in his flat.

The MP even arranged for some grassroots leaders to visit Ah-Ong to reassure the resident that his flat was safe.

After some time, Ah-Ong went to the MP again - this time to complain that his neighbours wanted to poison him.

He accused his neighbours of breaking into his home and plotting to harm him by putting poison there.

His neighbours say that he is often paranoid, and he also consulted the doctor about the suspected poisonings.

They say that he would mop the floor everyday, claiming he needs to clean away the poison.

He would also report this to the police about once a month.

At times, there were policemen and grassroots leaders at his flat almost everyday.

Neighbours also told Wanbao that Seng Han Thong was always polite and patient with Ah-Ong despite knowing that he was used to be a patient at the Institute of Mental Health.

When he visits the residents in the area, he would stop to greet the elderly man, and reassure him that his home was safe.

MP Seng Han Thong was attacked yesterday afternoon when he was handing out hongbaos to about 150 needy elderly and bursaries to students at Yio Chu Kang Community Club.

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