Thu, Oct 08, 2009
Claire Lee lacks beauty and poise: Ris Low

On Tuesday, former beauty queen Ris Low ended her day on RazorTV's couch, where she gave the online video news channel a no-holds-barred interview.

Topics ranged from her credit card fraud to fellow Miss Singapore world contestant Claire Lee.

Claire Lee had reportedly said Ris Low is a person who is actually really very sweet, very kind and generous. She gave the example of Ris making herbal tea and feeding it to all the contestants during rehearsals.

AsiaOne brings you an excerpt from the interview where Ris Low talks about her views on Claire Lee.  

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Razor: Thank you for joining us again, now lets talk about your relationship with Claire Lee, the first runner-up of Miss Singapore World.

Razor: So the two of you were best friends during the pageant days right?

Ris Low: Yes

Razor: Can you tell us what's your fondest memory of Claire?

RL: Umm.. That was when she was crying, because she had left her sash at the backstage, and she has no sash, so she was crying and I went over to comfort her.

Razor: So she cried over little things like that? Like leaving her sash behind?

RL: Err.. Yeah. Because the organizer was scolding her yeah, that's when I went over to comfort her and that's when we first talked and become friends.

Razor: Okay, and how has that friendship turned sour?

RL: Er, it turned sour when I realised that she is the one who is bad-mouthing me, talking behind my back, and telling everybody about my case, my stuff and some private confidential stuff that I told her about.

Razor: Are you sure she is the one who leaked it?

RL: Yes, because I heard from the friends of...yeah.

Razor: *interject* Other Contestants?

RL: Yes, other contestants, from the organisers and newspapers, media and... my friends as well.

Razor: So, now, you offered an audio recording of your phone conversation with her to the media. So why did you do that?

RL: I guess its because, part of it was because of revenge, I wanted to get revenge on her but.. Another thing was that I wanted truth to be told, that she is not as simple as you guys think, or she's as simple as you guys see. She tends to be a bit more political in this sense and she don't really care about what people feel.

Razor: Is she popular in the pageant? Like among the contestants?

RL: *Smiling awkwardly and shaking head*

Razor: Would you say that you are more popular than her? Like you have more friends...

RL: I can say that because, I guess because I'm more bubbly, outgoing, cheerful, some people may take me for being a pretentious person, but people who really know me deep down, they would know that I'm that kind of person straight from the start.

Razor: Are you sure umm... Claire Lee was lying about her back injury?

RL: Yeah, because she 'din' went to see the doctor because of her back injury.

Razor: She didn't go to the doctor?

RL: She 'din' see the doctor for the back injury, but she went to see a doctor for a fall, but is not for the back injury.

Razor: And you think she's lying?

RL: Yeah, it just so happen that her back injury was...there...

Razor: During our last interview with her, she said you are a kind, you are a sweet and generous person. Okay, so that was a sharp contrast as opposed to what you have told us about her.. So why is that the case?

RL: That's so hypocritical.

Razor: So you think that she is being hypocritical?

RL: Yeah.. Because I think I'm nice to everybody, especially Pilar, because she's an air stewardess, and I will always get honey for her.. honey lime.

Razor: You always get honey for her?

RL: Yeah

Razor: Because she is an air stewardess?

RL: *interject*...And because she always get broken voice.

Razor: Oh.. Okay, okay, alright..

RL: So I will always get stuff like these for people, and get curry puffs whenever there's a rehearsal because we know that we are not gonna eat for the... few hours..

Razor: ...Next few hours right? Have you been nice to Claire before?

RL: I'm nice to everybody in fact.. everyone..

Razor: Okay, okay.. So Claire is not your best friend.. in that way..

RL: It's not as "two best friend, best friend" but just a friend.

Razor: Okay, but she said, she was your best friend. So why is there the difference?

RL: Err... I treat everyone as my best friend actually.

Razor: So, do you think she is the backstabber, in that case.. Or are you the backstabber?

RL: Think she's the one.

Razor: She's the one? She's more of the backstabber?

RL: *Nods head*

Razor: Because she leaked the information to the media?

RL: Yeah, not only she leak the information, she told everybody about it, and that I have a lot of evidences against her. Even her secondary school, poly friends and university friends said the same thing about her.. Being political and being a backstabber.

Razor: So, you know all her friends?

RL: I din know them, but one of the contestants was the one who told me that she know her secondary school friends and that's where they found out.

Razor: Okay, now Claire is the first runner-up, so do you think she deserves to replace you as the representative of

RL: No.

Razor: Why is that so?

RL: I don't think so because beauty and poise she doesn't have any of it. I think Pilar has more of beauty and poise,
character and even self-confidence. I think Pilar would be much more suitable contestant for the Miss Singapore World.

Razor: Did you suggest that to ERM (Organisers)?

RL: Yes, I did, actually.

Razor: You did, and you think Claire is not suitable in your opinion..

RL: Yeah, because she is too tomboy-ish and she doesn't have enough stage experience

Razor: Tomboy-ish is a no-no in a pagaent?

RL: You have to be really girly and...

Razor: Feminine?

RL: Yeah, feminine.. definitely..

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(Photos: ST, my paper)


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