Fri, Apr 09, 2010
Two men openly make out with girl in club

A girl was caressed and groped by two men in full view of a crowd at a popular club.

The witness who sent the account of the incident to citizen journalism website STOMP said that people are becoming less concerned about their behaviour in public.

The incident occurred in a popular club in the River Valley area last Saturday (April 3). The girl was standing alone when she was approached by two men.

They initiated a conversation, then soon began caressing her, touching her breasts and kissing her.

It is not clear if the girl enjoyed the experience or was unable to stop the men's actions.

The witness said: "But from what I saw, the girl seemed to consent to the guys' actions and that she did not try to push them away or anything.

"Such things are beginning to be commonplace in clubs and it's a little worrying that people are becoming less and less concerned with how to act in public.

"I don't think the guys know the girl, but even if they do, such behaviour is totally unacceptable, especially when everyone can see what they are doing."

This is not the first time STOMP has received reports about people getting carried away at parties.

Several netizens sent in videos and pictures of a girl in bikini being groped by a group of men at the New Year Countdown Party at Siloso Beach on December 31, 2009.

The story sparked a debate among netizens, some saying that the girl was asking for it by dressing provocatively, while others condemned the men for their actions.

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