Karen Lim and Thomas Tan
Thu, Apr 29, 2010
Art path at Marina Bay Sands
Art path at Marina Bay Sands
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» Moshe Safdie brings art to Marina Bay Sands

WHEN a world renowned architect handpicks art pieces to be placed in his building, be sure to be wowed by the seamless integration of both stunning architecture and public art.

The new Marina Bay Sands integrated resorts, which opened its doors to the public on April 27, also launched its new art path on Wednesday.

This 'path' is in fact a display of seven large-scale art insallations by five internationally renowned artists, carefully handpicked by world famous architect Mr Moshe Safdie, the designer of the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

These pieces are one of the few art works situated within the property. The total worth of public art situated in Marina Bay Sands is around S$40 million to $50 million and is part of the government's plan to integrate art in the central area of Singapore.

Having looked at 25 to 30 artists over a period of six months, Mr Safdie settled with the works of the five artists "as each of the works resonates in a particular way with the architecture".

The 71-year-old worked very closely with the artists from the conceptualisation and design stage, right through to the final output of the artwork.

The art pieces are not only a visual feast for the eyes, but also play on environmental influences such as water, wind and light to create a dynamic integration between art and architecture.

AsiaOne brings to you our own virtual art path of Marina Bay Sands:

» Space - "Drift" by Antony Gormley

» Fire - "Raining Forest" by Zheng Chongbin

» Water - Ned Kahn's "Oculus" and "Tipping Wall"

» Wind - Ned Kahn's "Wind Arbor"

» Light - James Carpenter's Blue Reflection Facade

» Colour - Sol LeWitt's "Arcs and Circles"

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