Water - Ned Kahn's "Oculus" and "Tipping Wall"

The element of water plays a fundamental role in two of the installations in Marina Bay Sand's art path.

The first - Ned Kahn's Oculus - is a large acrylic and stainless steel structure located at the interaction of the retail mall and the waterfront promenade.

» "Oculus"

Rainwater that finds its way into this 22-meter diameter acrylic bowl will be channeled in a spiral pattern, effectively creating a swirling vortex.

To quote Kahn: "The proposed vortex will create a place where people can reflect on our current relationship with water and its vital connection to our lives."

A field of complex interactions characterises Ned Kahn's "Tipping Wall". It is composed of thousands of tilting channels capturing water streaming down a black, concrete wall.

As a channel fills with water, it tips either to the left or to the right into the channel below it.

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